Steps involved:

  • Configure embedding in One Model

  • Get dashboard embed URL

  • Embed dashboard in third party application

  • (Optional) Allow embedding in Single Sign On Identity Provider

Configure Embedding in One Model

In One Model, allow embedding in the Company settings:

Optional: Configure Domain Whitelist

This restricts the domains in which embedding is allowed. Note that removing a domain from the whitelist will disrupt existing embeds under that domain.

Optional: Allow External Log Off

This allows third party applications to log off the current One Model user. This action is restricted by the Domain Whitelist if configured.

Get Dashboard Embed URL

In One Model, navigate to the dashboard you wish to embed. From the dashboard menu select ‘Embed dashboard’:

This will open a dialog with the embeddable URL for the dashboard:

If no Domain Whitelist is configured you won’t need to select a target domain. The selected domain is added to the generated URL to overcome limitations in Internet Explorer and Edge. If the embedded dashboard is going to be viewed from either of these browsers, be sure to use the generated URL for the target domain (i.e. copying a dashboard’s embed URL between domains won’t work in those browsers).

Copy the URL for embedding in the third party application.

Embed Dashboard in Third Party Application

Dashboards can be embedded into third party applications in an Iframe. Below is an example of embedding a dashboard in Confluence.

Embed Dashboard in Confluence

In Confluence, you will need a way to embed an Iframe into a page. 

One way is to use the HTML macro ( 

Add an Iframe with the embeddable dashboard URL as the ‘src’:

When the page is published the dashboard will appear:

Optional: Allow Embedding in Single Sign On Identity Provider

Note: This step is only necessary if you are using Single Sign On.

Your Single Sign On Identity Provider will likely not allow embedding by default.

Allow Embedding in Okta

From the Okta Administrator Dashboard, go to Settings > Customization and turn on IFrame embedding:

Allow Embedding in Centrify

According to the Centrify Community you will need to create a support ticket to have Centrify whitelist any URLs/domains you wish to embed the dashboard in (see

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