This Google sheet has two tabs.

The Primary tab lists all of the primary data needed for feeding data to One Model's platform. 

Please have the Workday administrator provide access to all Recommended APIs. Recommended APIs are identified in column A by Filtering on Type Recommended. Service, Integration and Notes are found for each API in columns B, C and D. 

While it is Optional, ideally One Model would also have access to these APIs as well.

Not Recommended APIs do not need to be enabled for One Model.

The Secondary tab lists other APIs found in Workday. Please discuss with your One Model team before sending.

Within these API's you may restrict fields that you do not wish us to access i.e. you should restrict highly sensitive information like Social Security numbers, national identifiers, etc  In fact we want you to, we don't want to receive SSN, National ID's.  

We recommend you don't restrict other information like date of birth and names so that age analysis and identification of data for validation can be delivered.   Workday data masking will prevent data from coming through to One Model, so it's best to disable it for the One Model user. Please ask if you have a question about use of data points.  

The information we need:

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