This article describes One Model’s use of third party solutions for customer communication, customer support, and data hosting. This article is recommended reading for data compliance such as GDPR.

As a processor of our customer’s human resources and related data, One Model is committed to secure data management and to supporting the compliance efforts of our customers. As part of these efforts, it is important to make our customers aware of situations that will or could result in personal data being shared with third party tools.

Amazon Web Services (AWS):  One Model uses Amazon Web Services for data hosting. AWS is required for the use of One Model services. One Model does allow for geographic flexibility in hosting the solution. For example, a customer may choose to be hosted in a data center in the EU.

Intercom: One Model uses Intercom ( as a third party tool to manage customer support. The Intercom feature is embedded into the One Model web application interface, accessible from the following icon.

The use of Intercom may result in unanticipated transfers of personal information to the Intercom system. For example, customer users are able to attach files to support questions they submit. For example, a customer user might upload a file containing personal data as part of a validation exercise with our support team. 

Given the potential for an unanticipated data transfer, One Model may turn off Intercom support for some users until acknowledgement can be obtained from the customer that Intercom is a third party tool. 

With this understanding and training or suggestions from our team, customers can continue to use Intercom as a convenient tool for support. For example, users may remove personally identifying data points from a file prior to submission. Or they may choose to use data pseudonymisation or encryption of personal data. 

Here's an article in our help materials that covers how to encrypt a spreadsheet in Excel:

If you are unsure about how to use Intercom support, please reach out to support (without including any sensitive data sets!) or contact Phil Schrader, One Model’s Data Protection Officer at

Gmail: If you choose to email a member of the One Model team, please be aware that One Model uses Google’s Gmail for our corporate email. Similar to the notice about Intercom above, please be aware that any data you send will be transferred through Google. If you do need to transfer confidential or sensitive data, it is recommended that you use pseudonymisation or encryption techniques. If you don’t know what that means or are unsure of the best way to proceed, please reach out to your customer support person or contact Phil Schrader, One Model’s Data Protection Officer at

Google Drive: Internally One Model also uses Google Drive to store and manage files. As a customer or prospect we may share files with you using a Google Drive link. File sharing and storage on Google Drive by employees is subject to our privacy and information sensitivity policies. 

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