The Explore Tool in One Model is the place you go to explore your data. Within Explore, you can choose metrics, time periods, and dimensions to display with visualization options ranging from simple lists to colorful combination charts. You can pin your creations to dashboards to share them with other users-- or just to save them for later. 

The following videos will teach you how to use the One Model Explore Tool to create data visualizations. 

Introduction to Explore
This video covers the basics of explore. During the video you will see how to choose a metric, a time period, and dimensions (i.e. ways to break your data out into groupings).

Basic Chart Options
This video will show you how to begin adjusting the look and feel of your data visualization. During this video, you will see how to add or remove labels, adjust the data axis (or axes), display a legend, and adjust series types (i.e. display bars or lines or areas rather than simple columns). 

Color Palettes
This video shows you how to use and modify color palettes in the Explore tool. After watching this video, you'll be able to choose exactly the right color for the lines and bars in your chart. A special (and optional!) bonus section provides background information on HTML Hex Colors. 

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