This article provides the latest product release calendar for One Model customers.

The One Model product development group runs in continually rolling two week sprints.  At the end of each sprint the latest software is deployed to a pre-production environment (the pre-production environment is managed and protected in the same way as the production environment and runs in the same set of infrastructure.)  The product development process includes rigorous testing and quality assurance and the pre-production release is designed to ensure real-world integration stability.

After a week of final testing in the pre-production environment, the release is deployed into the production environment for customers.  The production release dates have been thoughtfully positioned in the calendar so as to not coincide with the first week of a month as we know this is usually a busy period for customers, e.g. for monthly reporting.

The dates may change from time to time, but we aim to deliver as close to the schedule below as possible.

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