This article addresses the preparation and current status of the One Model executive teams response to the current Coronavirus pandemic.  

Being a global company we have had staff being impacted at different times due to the coronavirus spread and associated containment activities.  This has meant in most cases voluntary isolation and social distancing practices to limit the chances of our staff being infected.   

As of March 16th all our offices globally have been closed with all staff working from home for the foreseeable future.  Luckily as a high technology SaaS company we already had in place the ability for all our staff to work securely from home.  As it stands no changes to business hours, schedules, or product delivery have been made and we are in a 'business as usual' footing.  

Our infrastructure being delivered by AWS continues to run without interruption and is automated to self heal where possible.  Our staff continue to monitor improve as is part of our normal course of activities.  

In the event we start to see impact either on staff availability or our ability to deliver the service we will alert our customers to this impact and any associated contingency measures.  At this point we have taken all steps to mitigate the impact of an extended work from home period and a larger scale quarantine of One Model staff.  

Number of Staff Quarantined:  0
Number of Staff Infected:         0
Number of Staff Recovered:     0

Current Productive Capacity: 100%

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