This Quick Start Guide is intended to provide only the basics. A full LMI User Guide is available here:

The LMI site is here:

Logging In
You should have received an email when your access was set up. If needed, reset your password. If you still have issues, use the 'Intercom' icon at bottom right to send us a message or email us at

Home Page and Main Storyboards

After logging in, you will be on the LMI Home Page. From there you will see links to the other standard storyboards in LMI:

Using & Saving Filters

At the top of each storyboard in One Model LMI is a filter bar. Filters are your friends! In nearly every situation, you are going to want to be applying filters to the storyboards. The most common dimensions you'll filter by are Location, Company, and Job Role/Title.

Hovering over a dimension in the filter bar provides you with some options. Select the magifying glass icon to search the entire dimension or the down arrow to navigate the values manually. Multiple values can be selected. Double selecting a value excludes it. Filters need to be applied before the storyboard is updated.

To save a particular filter for future use, select the Save icon in the filter bar and give it a name. Once saved, filters are available from the Saved Filters dropdown (left side of filter bar). A filter can also be made "sticky" so that it follows you as you navigate through the tool. To enable this feature, save a filter, select it from the Saved Filters dropdown, select the three dots icon just to the right, and select "Select as Default Filter".

Getting Help

At any time, you can select the blue Intercom icon at the bottom right of any LMI page. In the pop up window you will be able to search for Help documents (use "LMI" in the search window) and also send a message to our team.

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