Video demonstrating how to filter storyboards in One Model:

Here are some things to know when using the filters in One Model:

At the top of each storyboard in One Model is a filter bar that looks like this:

  • Making Selections: Hovering over a dimension in the filter bar provides you with some options. Select the magifying glass icon to search the entire dimension or the down arrow to navigate the values manually. Multiple values can be selected. Double selecting a value excludes it. Filters need to be applied by selecting "Apply Filter" before the storyboard is updated.
    Note: wait until the storyboard is fully loaded before applying filters. Failure to do so can result in unfiltered tiles.

  • "Show all" View: Selecting "Show all" will diplay the dimensions and selections vertically instead of horizontally. This view is necessary when you have more than a few filter dimensions selected. When in the "Show all" view, you can much more easily remove selections. "Show less" will collapse back to the standard filter bar.

  • Filtering by Additional Dimensions: You are not limited to the dimensions already displayed in the filter bar! To add additional dimensions to filter by, select the "Show all" view and select the box that says "Type to add a filter dimension". The additional dimension will then be added to the list below and selections can be made.

  • Saving Filters: To save a particular filter for future use, select the Save icon in the filter bar and give it a name. Once saved, filters are available from the Saved Filters dropdown (left side of filter bar). Using a consistent naming convention will help later on.

  • Setting a Default Filter: A filter can also be made "sticky" so that it follows you as you navigate through the tool. To enable this feature, save a filter, select it from the Saved Filters dropdown, select the three dots icon just to the right, and select "Select as Default Filter". Even if you log out and log back in, this filter will be applied by default.

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