There are two channels for Help and Feedback: Intercom and, of course, email.

The advantage of using Intercom is that you're able to get assistance from right within the Labor Market Intel tool. At any time, you can select the blue Intercom icon at the bottom right of any LMI page.

In the pop up window you will be able to search for Help documents for LMI (use "LMI" in the search window) and also send a message to our team.

  • Sending a direct message within Intercom: Within Intercom you will be able to send a direct message to our team. These mesaages will be automatically routed to someone who can assist you with LMI specifically. You will receive a reply within the chat window (ideally, while you are still in the tool). You can also leave your email address. We value your feedback so please don't hesitate to use Intercom to provide it!

  • Finding Help documents for LMI and One Model: Within the Intercom window you will see a space labeled “Find your answer now” which will access the One Model documentation library. For LMI-specific documents (including this guide!) you can simply search for “LMI” and links to the relevant documents will appear.

  • Pop-up Messages from One Model team: Intercom provides for 2-way communication, so you will also see some messages popping up from our team that may include welcome messages, updates on enhancements and fixes, and guidance. You can read and dismiss these easily.

  • Email: you can contact us at

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