There are some nuances to using the filters in One Model LMI. What follows is intended to help answer filter related questions in advance.

  • Wait for all tiles to load before applying any changes to filters on a Storyboard. Failure to do so will result in unfiltered tiles.

  • Selecting multiple values for a dimension in a filter acts as an "OR" filter. For example, if you select both companies Amazon and Microsoft from the Company dimension, the Storyboard will be filtered to include both companies.

  • Job Title Keywords and Skills both have "AND" versions of the dimensions. This allows you to filter to combinations of selections. For example, filtering by "software" from the Job Title Keywords dimension and "engineer" from the AND Job Title Keywords dimension limits the results to items where the job title contains BOTH the words "software" and "engineer".

  • Filters will apply across all tiles on the active Storyboard unless explicitly excluded when designing custom storyboards. For more information about creating unfiltered tiles, please contact the One Model team.

  • Filters are not "sticky" unless they are set as your default filter. If you navigate to another storyboard, you will need to re-enter your filters. You will want to save your filters if you plan to re-use them in the current session or future sessions.

  • Filters stay with your User ID. If you want them to be used by another user, you will need to make a copy of the Storyboard and save it with these filters, then share it with that user. (see later section on creating storyboards)

  • A saved filter can be used within other Storyboards in LMI. Your list will always be there in the drop-down.

  • The lists of Job Titles and Companies in the LMI data are exceptionally large. As a result, we have organized these into alphanumeric groups that expand. The easiest way to work with these dimensions is to use the Search (magnifying glass icon) when making selections. If you do navigate the dimensions, expanding the sections will take several seconds.

  • Filter dimensions with "2" in the name only filter the right side of either the "Company Comparison" or "Location Comparison" storyboards. They do not apply to anything else.

  • If you are planning to do some analysis and are likely going to save a filter, you should start from either a no-filter state or duplicate an existing filter then select it. Otherwise, your only option is to overwrite your existing filter.

For a more basic description of how the filters in LMI work, please see the Using Filters help doc.

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