Copy an existing Storyboard

Copy a tile from an existing storyboard to a new Storyboard

Copy a tile from an existing Storyboard into another Storyboard

Sharing a Storyboard

There are several ways to create custom Storyboards in Labor Market Intel. What follows covers each of the methods.

Copy an existing Storyboard

Existing Storyboards can be copied either from the storyboard itself or from the Storyboards menu. In either case, the Copy option can be found by selecting the icon of 3 vertical dots. Here we'll cover copying from the Storyboard Library, but the process is similar from the Storyboard itself.

The Storyboard Library can be found by selecting "Storyboards" from the top nav menu. Find the storyboard you would like to make a copy of in the list and select the "3 vertical dots" icon for it.

The Settings popup window will appear as seen below. Select the Copy option. In the Copy window enter in a name for the storyboard copied and description. Lastly, click on the “Copy” button.

A copy of the storyboard will be created as seen below. To make changes on the copied storyboard such as deleting tiles, moving tiles, or adding text, the user will need to navigate to “Edit Storyboard” mode by clicking on the “Pen” icon on the Page Header.

Within the edit mode the user can hover over to a specific tile and a popup will appear where the user can make changes such as go to the explore, design panel, disable storyboard filters for the particular tile, link tile to storyboard or delete the tile. Users can also modify the tile title by entering in a new title name.

To add a free text tile, click on the Add (shown as a "+") icon the on header bar. This will add a new free text tile at the bottom of the storyboard.

The user can add text by clicking on the pen icon on the menu bar above the Free text tile, hide the title header, link the tle to storyboard or delete the tile. Enter in a name for the tile and adjust the size of the tile by clicking on the drag icon on the right corner of the tile to make the free text tile bigger.

Once the user is happy with the adjustments to the free text tile, the user can click on the “Save” button

To reposition the free text tile or any tile on the storyboard, simply drag and drop the entire tile to the area you want.

Click on the “Save” button to apply the changes.

Copy a tile from an existing Storyboard to a new Storyboard

The user can copy a tile from an existing storyboard into a new storyboard. Simply navigate to an existing storyboard. Within the existing storyboard, in the top right of the tile you are interested in, click on the 3 dots and select "Explore."

This will open the Explore window which will show the tile you had selected along with options to change the query and the chart type. Here are links to some documentation that covers the Explore functionality:

To copy this tile into a new storyboard, click on the “Pin” icon on the right corner of the chart. In the drop down menu select “Pin to new storyboard”.

An pop up window will prompt the user to enter in a name for their new storyboard, in this case it can be called “Labor Markets Overview” and the tile title can be called “Supply and Demand Trend”. Lastly click on the “Create” button to create a new storyboard with the Chart.

Click on the Storyboard tab on the navigation bar to open up the Storyboard library. Within the Storyboard library, locate the new storyboard just created (this will be under the unshared storyboards category) eg. Labor Markets Overview.

You can now view the newly created storyboard which has the tile that you copied from an existing storyboard.

Copy a tile from an existing Storyboard into another Storyboard

If the user wants to add other tiles to this storyboard, it can be done by following the same steps but selecting pin the existing tile on an existing dashboard instead of new storyboard.

Select an existing storyboard that you want to add the the existing tile to by clicking on the dropdown menu bar under Select Storyboard and choosing a storyboard from the list eg. Labor Markets Overview. Enter a tile title eg. Supply and Demand Graph . Lastly click on the “Pin” button which will pin the chart to that storyboard.

Sharing a Storyboard

To share a Unshared storyboard with other users, the user can select a unshared storyboard from the Storyboard Library.

Alternatively, storyboards can be shared from the "3 dots menu" in the upper right corner of the storyboard itself.

A popup window will appear where the user has to click on the Sharing tab. With the Sharing Settings, select a category for the Storyboard eg. “LMI” and select the user role access options eg. “Can View & Edit”. You should have two roles to which you can grant access: "Users" and another role that's your company's name. Sharing with "Users" means any LMI customer can access your storyboard. Your company role is users at your company only. Lastly click on the “Share” button to share the storyboard.

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