Introduction to Storyboards

Learn what Storyboards can do for you and why you would use them.

Storyboards are the primary way One Model users share and communicate analytical insights sourced from an Organization's own data. They contain powerful data visualizations in the form of charts, tables, and text tiles that are designed to be easy for anyone to use without having to be an analyst or data scientist.

An example of a Talent Acquisition Storyboard

Storyboards can gather information from multiple sources seamlessly and invisibly to the end user in a simple, attractive, easy-to-read layout so you can quickly view key dimensions, track patterns, and reveal insights on a single Storyboard without wading through volumes of data. Easily share your Storyboards with others to help them make data-informed decisions for better people outcomes.

What are some of the things you can do with Storyboards?

  • Create multiple custom Storyboards to tell your story visually.

  • Use different visualization types - charts, values, tables or scatterplots.

  • Choose your focus - explore one or many metrics, dimensions, and pivoted dimensions.

  • Create options to drill through to underlying data for further explanation and deeper analysis.

  • Design the layout of your Storyboard with your different audiences in mind.

  • Organize, categorize and group all of your Storyboards in the Storyboard Library.

  • See the people in your Organization matched with their data in the Org. Chart tile.

  • Use One AI’s embedded insights like forecasting and correlations.

  • Use Role Based Security (RBS) to control user permissions. Admins can select what their users see and do in Storyboards.

  • Share Storyboards with other users or export to PowerPoint to include in presentations.

There are infinite possibilities to create and customize your Storyboards to suit your needs. Your only limitation is your imagination, and we're pretty sure we can help with that too.


Follow our Storyboard Quick Start series to be guided through the basics of Storyboards.



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