Introduction to the Insight Library

The Insight Library is a repository where One Model users can save insights created through our different data exploration tools. The Insight Library allows users to save and reuse their queries instead of having to configure a new query each time from scratch.Access the Insight Library through either the Explore or Storyboard tabs:  

1. Explore >Charts and Tables

2. Explore >Org Chart, and

3. Storyboards

1. Charts and Tables

To get to Charts and Tables, you will need to select the Explore tab, and then click on Charts and Tables

To open the Insight Library, click on the Library icon at the top right of the page

The Insight Library appears in a window with options to Search for, Sort by, Create New Category. The left column will list all of the Insights you have saved to the Insight Library. 


2. Org Chart

To get to the Org Chart, you will need to select the Explore tab and then Org Chart. 

To save to the Insight Library, click on the save icon on the top right of the page  > Select or Create a New Category and type in the Insight Name.

To open the Insight Library popup window from Explore > Org Charts > click on the Insight Library icon on the Explore Org Chart navigation bar. 


The Insight Library is personalized, meaning that the Categories and Insights created are individual to the user. The insights however can be opened in the Org Chart tool and shared via Storyboards to other roles.

3. Storyboards

You can also access the Insight Library through a Storyboard.

Open your selected Storyboard by clicking the Storyboard tab, then clicking on the name of your Storyboard.

Once in the Storyboard, click the pen icon at the top right to enter Modify Mode.

Click the + icon and the dropdown menu will appear with an option to Open Insight Library. 

Click Open the Insight Library which will display your Insight Library

From here, you can select your Insight then click Open/Insert to add to the Storyboard. 


Your selected insight will be added to the bottom of the Storyboard. 

Common features of the Insight Library are:

Save to Insight Library

You can save your queries in Explore by clicking on the Pin icon and then selecting Save to Insight Library.


Preview an Insight

Click on an insight name to preview the visualization in the right panel


Open in Explore Org Chart or Charts and Tables

Click the “Open / Insert” button to open the insight in the Explore Org Chart tool or in Explore Charts and Tables.




Rename, Duplicate, Delete an Insight

Click on the insight name > action dots to view the options

  • Rename - click Rename, then type the new name for the insight in the input box and click Save, or click Cancel to disregard.

  • Duplicate - click Duplicate, this creates a duplicate copy of the insight with the name “Copy of ….”

  • Delete - click Delete, this provides a warning that the delete action can’t be undone. Click Delete to continue, or click Cancel to abort.

Categories have the same behavior for Rename and Delete, except if the user tries to delete a Category that contains one or more Insights, a warning message will be displayed to advise that all insights will also be deleted and this action can’t be undone.


Search for an Insight

Type the search term into the search box and the matching insights will be returned in the Insights Library.


Sort by

Insights within the Insight Library can be sorted by the different options of alphabetical or date based.



Create New Category

Click “Create New Category”, then type the name for the new category in the input box and click Save, or click Cancel to disregard.




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