Using the Storyboard Library

Quick Start Guide 

Part one of five - Viewing and navigating your Storyboards.

Watch the video - Introduction to the Storyboard Library.

The first step to finding your Storyboards is to locate the Storyboards tab in the top navigation bar.



Clicking on the Storyboards tab will bring you into the Storyboard Library.

There are different Storyboard Library views depending on your permissions. One Model uses Role-Based Security (RBS) to control what users can see and do. Learn more about roles and permissions.

In all views, clicking on the Storyboard name will open it.

Admin View

An Administrator (Admin) of an organization with the CanCreateDashboards and CanPublishDashboards permissions will see in their Storyboard Library;

  • Category

  • Storyboard Name

  • Owner of the Storyboard

  • Last modified time and date

  • Last modified by, and;

  • Roles and groups shared with.


*note tips for optimal viewing

User View

What each user will see will depend on their Application Access Role permissions, but a typical user view of the Storyboard Library will show;

  • Category

  • Storyboard Name

  • Description of the Storyboard


*note tips for optimal viewing



Use the search bar to quickly find a Storyboard by topic, name or description. The search function is powerful enough to find exact matches, parts of words and terms. Just start typing and your results will be filtered to show those Storyboards matching your search.

Category expand or collapse

Choose to expand or collapse categories like folders that contain your Storyboards.

Group By

The Storyboard Library can be grouped by category, Storyboard name, owner, last modified or shared with.

Action dots

At the far right of each row, you will also see three dots that open the Settings tab for each Storyboard. This is where you can make quick changes to your Storyboard, share, embed, copy or delete without leaving the Storyboard Library.

Tips for optimal viewing

The settings on your device, screen and browser may affect what you can see on the screen. E.g. whether you can see all of the Storyboard Library columns as shown above.

If you cannot see all of the columns, we suggest adjusting your scaling and browser zoom settings until you can see all columns, including the action dots at the end of the row.

Now that you know where to find your Storyboards, it's time to move to the next step:

Go to Part Two - Managing Your Storyboards

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