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We have made the first step toward table totals and released a beta version of the table expand and collapse functionality for Storyboard tables with pivoted dimensions. This is an opportunity to play around with the ability to expand and collapse dimensions within a table interactively.


In the short video clip below, you can see how to adjust the tile settings in a Storyboard to expand and collapse an Org. structure dimension to show each dimension and nodes, from the parent level through the children levels as you expand the structures. The parent level represents a subtotal of all its children.


Below is the Explore query structure for the tables above:


The objective of this feature is to enable you to bring multiple levels of the same dimension into a list query with the option to expand or collapse within the tile for an optimal user experience and cleaner tiles.

Please note that each query is limited to a maximum number of dimensions, nodes and intersections. Users may receive an error message - 'Query too large to display - refine or export query to see all results', and will need to adjust their query selections.

How-to use the table expand/collapse feature

  1. Create or select a table to use:

    • Creating a new list query and pinning to a Storyboard (you can also pin the table from a basic chart in Explore), or

    • Experiment with table expand and collapse in an existing Storyboard table.

    Note: as you can see in the Explore screenshot above, your table should have multiple levels selected in the desired dimension.

  2. Once you have your table in your Storyboard, click the pen icon at the top right of the navigation bar to enter Modify Mode.

  3. Scroll over to your table tile and hover around the tile title to reveal the edit options menu.

  4. Click Tile Settings (color palette icon).

  5. Scroll to the Expand/Collapse option, and click to reveal the on/off toggle.

  6. Slide the toggle to On.

  7. Then Save and exit Modify Mode.

Now that expand/collapse has been enabled, you will only see the nodes of the first level of the dimension in your table. You can click through the levels to reveal the data for each child of the parent dimension, drilling through the results within the table, quickly and easily.


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