Zero values in a List query or tile

Seeing zero values that you're not expecting? This article explains the possible reason.


When you are creating a query in Explore, or viewing a tile or drill-through in a Storyboard, you will occasionally see this alert message: "Query too large to display - refine or export query to see all results".


This simply means that the query has too many data points or intersections to display all results on the screen. Instead of just showing no results or an error, your query may display on screen with some zero or null values.


You can take one of the following steps to see all results:


Export the query. The .csv file will contain all values of the query


Reduce the query data points. If you are running some testing or analysis and don’t want to repeatedly export, this is the best option. Here’s some examples of how to reduce the data points and see all results on screen:

  • If you are using table level data (e.g. name, person ID, email), filter a dimension to reduce the population size, e.g. one or two organization units rather than the whole organization.

  • If you are using daily or weekly time periods over many years, filter for one month or year only

If your query export is still showing null or zero values that you are not expecting, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

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