Workday APIs

This links to a list of recommended Workday Get APIs to turn on for One Model.

Please review this Google Sheet for a listing of Workday API services and Endpoints with indicators showing whether they are enabled in One Model's API integration.

The Workday API removes all elements related to sensitive information including:

  • National ID,
  • Government ID,
  • Visa ID,
  • Passport ID, and;
  • License ID. 

This means that no subtables will be created with these elements and you will not see them included in your data tables. Only the Custom ID data field will be used.

We recommend you don't restrict other information like date of birth and names so that age analysis and identification of data for validation can be delivered.   Workday data masking will prevent data from coming through to One Model, so it's best to disable it for the One Model user. Please ask if you have a question about use of data points.  

The information we need:

  • Endpoint Base URI
    • format:
    • example:
  • Tenant Id
    • this should match with the tenantId provided on the Endpoint Base URI
    • example: onemodel2
  • For Basic Authentication:

    • Username

    • Password

  • For OAuth Authentication:

    • Client ID

    • Client Secret

    • Refresh Token


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