Connecting to Oracle HCM Cloud

Instructions for setting up the connection Oracle HCM Cloud.


The Oracle HCM Cloud REST API's are the current preferred method for extracting data from Oracle HCM Cloud.  Once the Oracle Connector has been configured, One Model is able to reach out and extract the latest data from your Oracle HCM Cloud, and update your metrics with the latest data, on a schedule of your choosing.


Configuring permissions in Oracle

You will need to create a user in the Oracle HCM system for the One Model application to use.  This user needs to be given access to the API endpoints in order to be able to extract from the system.  The below privileges are what you will want to add for the user, note that if you don't use these pieces of the application you don't need to provide the privilege.


Core HR 





Time and Labor








In One Model

Add the Connector

In the One Model Application, go to the Data Sources Page, and select Add Data Source -> Oracle HCM Cloud V2:


Connection Details

You can then enter the following connection details into the connector:


  • Name: The name of the Data Source in One Model

  • Data Loads Should Process Data: Whether you want a new load of Data from Oracle to automatically update your One Model Metrics

  • Schema: The name of the Database Schema the data will be stored in within the One Model System. This will be referenced in Processing Scripts

  • Username: The Username of the Oracle User you've given permissions to

  • Password: The Password of the Oracle User you've given permissions to

  • Endpoint Base URI: the endpoint host is the URI endpoint of where your oracle hcm instance is hosted e.g.

Add Endpoints

You can now configure Tasks (Oracle Endpoints) that you'd like to pull Data from in the Oracle system. We recommend the following endpoints as a starting point:

  • Absences

  • Assignment Status Types List of Values

  • Action Reasons List of Values

  • Actions List of Values

  • Grade Ladders List of Values

  • Grade Steps List of Values

  • Grades List of Values

  • Job Families List of Values

  • Jobs List of Valuse

  • Locations List of Values

  • Organizations

  • Workers -> Addresses

  • Workers -> Disabilitties

  • Workers -> Emails

  • Workers -> Ethnicities

  • Workers -> External Identifiers

  • Workers -> Legislative Information

  • Workers -> Names

  • Workers -> Phones

  • Workers -> Visa Permits

  • Workers -> Work Relationships



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