Data Sources - Redshift

Redshift data sources.


If you are wanting to ingest data from another Redshift cluster, you will want to use the Redshift data source. To get it setup, navigate to the Data Sources screen and click on the “Add Data Source” drop down:

From here, select the Redshift option. This will present you with a dialogue to configure which tables you want to extract from redshift and where you’d like to put them like this:

The Destination Schema is the schema in One Model that you would like to load the tables. The Database Credentials section is for the Redshift cluster you want to source the data from and the Extracted Tables is a list of tables that you want to extract from the source Redshift cluster and load into One Model.

For each table you’d like to load, fill out the schema value and table value and hit the + button on the right side of the panel. When you’ve finished configuring the tables click the Add button to finish adding the data source.

To test the data source is working as expected, click the “Run Extraction Now” button on the newly created data source. It’s the one that looks like a play button:

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