Workday RaaS Report - Running as One Model user

This article shows the steps you can take to troubleshoot security issues by running your RaaS report as the One Model user.



One of the most common problems we run into using Workday Custom Reports (also known as RaaS reports) is an issue where the Report has not been made available to the Workday user that is configured to download the report in One Model.


This can happen because there are two Workday users involved in the process of extracting the report:

  1. The user who creates the report

  2. The user who extracts the report

The usernames for both are required for the configuration of Workday Custom Reports in One Model.


The goal of this test is to confirm that the Workday user configured to extract the report has the permission to do so


In Workday

  1. In Workday, navigate to Web Service > View URLs for the custom report

2. Right click and copy the CSV version URL:

3. Paste copied URL into your browser.


4. Login using the Workday User configured to extract the report in One Model.


5. The report will run and download as a .csv based on the permissions the One Model user has been granted.

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