Configure Data Destination - Google Big Query

How to configure a Google BigQuery Data Destination.


At One Model, we think it's critical that your data goes to where you need it most. If Google Cloud is your platform of choice, you can use our BigQuery Data Destination to send data from One Model to Google BigQuery.


Configuring the BigQuery Data Destination

The following settings will need to be configured for a Google BigQuery Data Destination:

  • Project Id - This is the ID for the Google Cloud Project that is running Big Query

  • Service Account Key Json - This is the Key for the Service Account in Google Cloud that you'd like to use for Authentication.

  • Dataset Id - This is the ID of the DataSet that you'd like to see all your tables under in Google BigQuery

  • Dataset Region - This is the Region your Google BigQuery instance is running in


An example configuration is below:

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