Direct Connect using Visual Studio Code

This article explains how to connect to One Model data using Visual Studio Code.

Below are the high-level instructions for connecting to One Model Data using Visual Studio Code - which is a free advanced text/code editor that can also connect to SQL Databases. For specific details on your Redshift cluster, please work with a member of the One Model Support Team.


Important: It is recommended to use the LIMIT SQL keyword in Visual Studio Code to restrict the number of records being brought back, as a limit is not applied by default.


Step 1 - Install the SQLTools Extension

Go to the Extensions page, and type in SQLTools:



Select and install the SQLTools extension, as well as the "SQLTools PostgreSQL/Redshift Driver" extension.


Step 2 - Add the Redshift Connection

Once SQLTools is installed, navigate to the SQLTools tab and run the click Add New Conection -> AWS Redshift:


Type in the details for your connection:


Click Save Connection -> Connect Now.


Note: Be careful to select the SSL option or specify the SSL mode as required wherever it is available. SSL is used to encrypt all of the communication between your client machine and the One Model database. If this is not configured, the connection will be rejected by the database. If you have any questions on the SSL options, please see the AWS documentation around SSL setup for Redshift here.


Step 3 - Start Querying

You should be able to start typing SQL:


and can execute it using the "Run on active connection" button.

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