Configure Data Destination - Azure

Setup Data Destinations into Azure.


Azure Data Destinations

At One Model, we think it's critical that your data goes to where you need it most. If Azure is your platform of choice, you can send your data straight from One Model to the following storage location in Azure:

  • Blob Storage

  • Data Lake Storage Gen 2

Authentication Types

For each of these destinations we support the following authentication approaches:

  1. Access Key Connection String

  2. Shared Access Signature Connection String

  3. Shared Key

  4. Shared Access Signature Token

Connection Strings - Access Key or Shared Access Signature

These Authentication types require only two settings to be configured:

  1. Container Name - the name of the Container that you've configured in your Azure Storage Account

  2. Connection String - the connection string that contains the Access Key or Shared Access Signature - which are both also configured within the Storage Account

Shared Key

The Shared Key Authentication Type requries the following settings to be configured:

  1. Key - This is the Key configured in the Access Keys section of the Azure Storage Account

  2. Account Name - This is the name of the Storage Account

  3. Container URL - This is the URL for the container that is configured within the storage account

Shared Access Signature Token

The Shared Access Signature Token is useful for creating more temporary tokens, and requires the following settings:

  1. Container URL - The URL for the Storage Container that has been configured in the

  2. Shared Access Signature Token - The token that has been configured within the Azure Storage Account

Additional Settings

For Azure Blob Storage and Data Lake Gen 2 Data Destinations, a Delimiter can also be set for the files that are uploaded. This will place a character between fields within the data file.


For further details on how to configure a Data Destination, refer to our Configure a Data Destination guide.

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