Connect to Aginity Workbench

This article explains how to connect One Model data to Aginity Workbench.


Below are the high-level instructions for connecting One Model to Aginity Workbench. For specific details on your Redshift cluster, please work with a member of the One Model Support Team.

If you would like to connect directly to the One Model SQL Database, you can do so with many different tools. The tool we use and recommend is Aginity Workbench and can be found here.

Step 1

Once you have installed Aginity Workbench, you will be presented with a connection screen where you will fill out the connection details for your user. These connection details can be obtained from One Model support if you have purchased the direct connection part of the platform. The screen will look similar to the one below once filled out.

Step 2

Once you have filled out the details, click ok and you will be connected to the One Model database. You will then be able to browse your database tables and views directly. What you see should look similar to the following screen.

Note: you should always be careful to select the SSL option or specify the SSL mode as required wherever it is available. SSL is used to encrypt all of the communication between your client machine and the One Model database that you are using. If you don't select this option the connection will be rejected by the database. If you have any questions on the SSL options, please see the AWS documentation around SSL setup for Redshift here.

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