Formatting Data Labels

Guide to formatting data labels in Storyboard Charts.


Example formatting options:

  • {value}, {percentage}

  • {percentage}, {value}

  • {value}- {percentage}

  • {percentage} - {value}

  • {value}

  • {percentage}

In the format input field you can enter any regular text and it will appear as you see it in the label, but the two words {value} and {percentage}, when bound by curly brackets will be substituted by the numbers corresponding to the data displayed in the chart. (NB: these words must be in lowercase.)


So, for example, entering {value} will display just the value and {percentage} will display just the percentage. You can insert these within other text, or have simple text separators, e.g. {value}, {percentage} will display the value and percentage results separated by a comma. If you want to have the value and percentage stacked on top of each other you can use the enter key on the keyboard to add a line break.

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