Create a new user

6 quick steps to manually create a new user.

Most customers will automate the user account creation process via single sign on (SSO), but there may be times when you need to manually create a new user account (e.g. for a test user, or in the early stages of your site development).

1. Go to Admin > Users

2. Click Create New on left hand side

3. Enter First Name, Last Name and Email Address - these are all required fields.

Allowed characters

Letters and numbers








4. Choose the Login option that aligns with your Company settings / security rules for access to One Model.

If you are creating a user manually, it is likely you will either select the first option (allow log in via single sign on) or the third option (allow log in via username and password).

If you are unsure, speak with your company administrator or One Model Customer Success Manager.

5. Select the relevant Application Access Role/s and Data Access Role/s for the user.

The permissions per role can be reviewed on the Admin > Application Access Roles and Admin > Data Access Roles pages. You can also read the Roles and Permissions Reference Guide for a list of all permissions and their descriptions.

6. Click Create


If you selected the option for your user to log in with username and password, they will be emailed a link automatically from One Model. Note that the email link will expire after 1 day (24 hrs) and you will need to reset the password to initiate the resending of the email link. 

For the two other login options, you will need to contact the user with URL / login directions according to your internal setup (e.g. Intranet or Sharepoint link). Note your Company settings for SSO will override any manual selections for Roles.


Need to change a selection or name details? (or add Person ID for contextual rules) You can go to Admin > Users, then click Edit next to the relevant user, make your changes and Save.


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