Proxying is a great admin feature that allows a user to see exactly what another user is seeing in One Model. The ability to proxy cannot be limited, so only users that have full admin permissions should be given the right to proxy in One Model.

If you have the ability to proxy, follow the steps below to see what another user is seeing.

Go to Account in the upper right hand corner and choose Proxy as User.

The screen below will come up. Type in who you want to proxy as in the Search box. If for some reason the user is deactivated make sure that you check the “Include deactivated users”.

Click on the name that you want to proxy in as.

You’ll now see the site as if you were them. This means that you have access exactly as they have access, including any unpublished Storyboards. You know that you’re proxied in as someone because the proxy indicator in the upper right hand corner will show in a different color and show Proxy User.

To return the view as you, you need to Exit Proxy. To do that, click on the Proxy User and select Exit Proxy.

** Please note that while proxying as another user that you will not be able to see their preferences, including their notification settings for the data loads alerts framework. **


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