Set Up Drill Through Columns

How to set up drill through columns for metrics.


To set up drill through, click on Admin -> Drill Through Columns


The DrillThrough Columns page will display a list of all tables that are set up as metric tables. Drill through can be set up on a table and the column set up will be displayed when a user drills through a metric on site that is sourced from this table.


Expand a table section on the DrillThrough Columns page by clicking on the arrow to the left of the table name. The following message will be displayed when no drill through columns are set up: 


To add a column, click on the + button on the right of the table name. Three columns will appear. 


  1. The first drop down lists all of the available tables. 

  2. The second drop down lists the available columns on the table selected in the first box. 

  3. The third box is free-text and should be filled in with the user-friendly label you want to see on site for this column. 

Columns can be set up to come from the metric table as well as from linked dimension tables where the groupings applied in the dimension are required. Following is an example set up to see the Person ID, Name, Date of Birth and the Department ID from the one.employee metric table. Additionally, this data is linked to the Org Unit dimension and the top 3 levels of the Org Unit are set up also: 


The up/down arrows can be used to change the column ordering. The trash can icon can be used to remove a column. The default Name label can be changed by clicking on the text and over-writing. Once all changes have been applied, click the Save button on the top right of the page.


Here is an example of the results returned for the set up above when drilling through on a headcount metric set up on a dashboard: 


Refer to help article Introduction to Role Based Security for information on restricting user access to individual columns. 

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