Unlocking a User Account

Overview of unlocking a user account.


To prevent unauthorized access to the system, the One Model application has a lock feature for user accounts. If a customer is using the password login method for access to One Model's application, a user may be locked out after a number of unsuccessful login attempts. 

If a user, gets locked out of their the account, any system administrator (including customers) will see the Unlock hyperlink. This hyperlink appears in the Admin > Users screen if a user has been locked out of their account. 

Below is an example showing that David was locked out of his account after a number of unsuccessful login attempts. 

As an administrator if I wanted to unlock his account, I would select Unlock hyperlink. The account would be unlocked and the Unlock hyperlink would disappear from the Users screen. David could then use the password if he knew it worked or reset his password and use the new one.  He should be able to regain access to his account once it has been unlocked.


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