Workday - Enable Field Override Service

Enabling Field Override Services in your Workday connector.

Some Workday users may have the option of enabling Field Override Services in their Workday API connector. Users may choose to use this option where there are data points available in a Workday instance that are not delivered by the standard Workday APIs or the custom reports data source (also known as RaaS). 

There are two steps in the process:

Configure your Workday API

Enabling these fields to be delivered by the standard Workday API requires Workday’s “Field Override Service” (FOS) to be configured (please see your Workday admin), which will expose the required fields to the API endpoint. Once the Field Override Service set up in Workday is complete, these “field overrides” should be enabled in your One Model Workday connector so the connector knows to include them in the data retrieved from that endpoint.

Update the Workday Connector

Before beginning, you will need to know which Workday Service and which endpoint will contain the Field Override Service (FOS). FOS can be added to existing connectors or included when configuring a new connector by following the same method.

In your One Model instance,

  1. Navigate to Data -> Sources

  2. Select or create the connector the FOS will be added to (note the connectors may be named differently in your One Model instance):



3. Scroll down and check the Enable Field Override box.

4. Scroll down to Configurable Tasks and click Update Configurable Tasks:



4. Expand the Workday Service that houses the updated API (eg: Human Resources) then open the endpoint containing the FOS. In this example we have a FOS added to the Human Resources service on the Get_Workers endpoint.:



5. In the Field Override Options section, enable the required FOS:



Once the connector is updated, a full-load is typically run to load the newly added field overrides into the existing data.

Please discuss with Customer Success the most appropriate data load for your requirements.


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