Product Release & Maintenance Calendar

This article provides the latest product release calendar for One Model customers. It also includes other relevant dates such as our quarterly product release webinars for customers and planned maintenance periods for the Customer Success & Data Engineering teams.

Product Development Lifecycle

The One Model product development group runs in continually rolling two week sprints following the Agile development process.  At the end of each sprint the latest software is deployed to a pre-production environment (the pre-production environment is managed and protected in the same way as the production environment and runs in the same set of infrastructure.)  The product development process includes rigorous testing and quality assurance and the pre-production release is designed to ensure real-world integration stability. After final end-to-end testing in the pre-production environment, the release is deployed into the production environment for customers. Read more.

The dates may change from time to time, but we aim to deliver as close to the planned dates.

2024 Calendar

Maintenance Weeks

One week every quarter we pause our normal flow of routine data configuration activities and meetings. (During this week, your team can continue to update storyboards, create metrics, or complete any front end product activities.) We will continue to support you with any data processing issues or outages that occur, but we’re looking to pause any new configuration activity from occurring during this week.


In the process of continuously bringing our customers new features and capabilities, it is important we have a period where we can perform maintenance without simultaneous configuration changes and activity. Some of these activities may be specific to your instance and configuration, while others may serve both you and our broader community of customers.


For the data engineers, this may involve activities such as:

  • Upgrading your instance’s technology

  • Testing a new product feature through the lens of your site experience

  • Enhancing your site code to improve efficiency and processing time

For the customer success leads, it may be:

  • Assisting the data engineers with the upgrades and improvements to your instance

  • Improving the processes and practices for configuration changes, validation, etc.

  • Expanding our help documentation and user resources

The goal of all of this is to improve the experience you have with the One Model product suite. You may not see a noticeable enhancement coming out of each Quarterly Maintenance Week, but the activities here will provide a better experience for the One Model customer community.



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