Release Notes - 2023.03.08

Welcome to the latest One Model product release update. This article provides an overview of the product innovations and improvements to be delivered on 8 March 2023.

User Experience Improvements

Expanding Dimensions within Storyboard Tables
[beta feature release]

  • A cool new feature we have released in beta form for you to play with is the ability to expand and collapse Dimensions within a table interactively. The most common scenario is for Dimensions like org structures (example below). A nice benefit of this new capability is that when you design the query using the levels of a structure and include all children as you expand the structures, the parent level should represent a subtotal of the children.

  • As this feature is still in development, you may find that it will not work properly with very large tables and you may see a message at the top of the table “Query too large to display - refine or export query to see all results.” Check out the user guide for more information.

  • There may be other unexpected behaviors, so please reach out to your Customer Success contact with any questions or ideas for how you would like to use this feature so we can keep the innovations coming. (ref 12109)

Below is the Explore query structure for the tables above:


New Storyboard Filter Bar
[beta feature release notification]

  • The Storyboard filter bar is one of One Model’s most heavily used features and it has received a lot of positive feedback since it was released back in April 2020. We have continued to add a number of enhancements based on customer input, and more recently, we have been testing a major new update. Thank you to those customers who have provided some really great feedback and have been our much appreciated our beta testers

  • We wanted to let you know that we are releasing the final beta update of the new filter bar in this release and plan to make it generally available to all users in the next product release on March 22nd. If you would like to test out the new filter bar, reach out to your customer success contact to enable it for you or set up a test user account.

  • Check out the user guides for more information:

  • Please note; there are a couple of known issues in this release:

    • We have added category headings to the filters when you use the drop-down or search options to add a new filter dimension. These categories are the same as you see in Explore. However, in this release they are not sorted alphanumerically. This has been corrected for the March 22 release.

    • The Default Filter option has a glitch where if you have selected a saved filter set as your default option in the filter bar, you aren’t able to select the standard Storyboard filter template as the default. You can select another saved filter set as the default. The current workaround is to deselect your saved filter set from being the default so you can then delete that saved filter set, or just save another one, set it as the default and then delete it. Hopefully this isn’t a common scenario, but we wanted to share this during the final beta testing.



Platform Improvements

Admin Reports

  • In this release we are providing a set of reports for One Model Admins to help you to manage your product configuration, users and security. To see and use the Admin Reports option, Admins must have the "CanViewAdminReports" permission enabled for their role. This will provide a new option in the Admin Menu called “Admin Reports”. This opens a dedicated page where you can select a particular report and download to a .CSV file. Check out the user guide for more information.

Admin reports available in this release include;

  • Metrics

  • Dimensions

  • Table and Column Labels

  • Permissions and Application Access Roles

  • Users and Roles

  • Metrics and Data Access Roles

Additional Admin reports coming soon include;

  • Storyboards and Data Access Roles

  • Dimensions and Data Access Roles

  • Columns and Data Access Roles

  • Entity Relationship Information


One AI

Recipe Data Statistics

In this release we have added statistics about the data frames to the One AI Recipes framework. This new feature aims to save you time by providing valuable information about the data your recipe is generating while you're creating it. Items like row count, unique count, min, and max are especially useful for identifying columns you may or may not not want to include in your data set. This report also enables you to understand your Generative Attributes and ensure they join back to the core data correctly. Please note that these statistics are related to the train/test data only. This recipe section will be further enhanced with additional data integrity checks in the near future.



Data Processing Improvements

  • Added support for the EmpCompensationCalculated and EmpCompensationGroupSumCalculated endpoints in the One Model SuccessFactors API Connector. (ref 14356)

  • Fixed an issue where some Linked Tables in SuccessFactors that were related to the NomineeHistory object would error if they were queried. (ref 14477)

  • Some customers experienced performance issues with the Drill-through capability. This was fixed and patched to the production environment on Feb 24. (ref 15271)

  • Fixed an issue where certain settings in a Data Source file in a File or SFTP data source wouldn't save if the config was edited. (ref 14890)

Minor Improvements & Bugs Squashed

  • We have added some improvements to the validation checks we apply to csv files for user uploads. In this release we have better error handling for situations where there are accidental spaces in the file, so we will automatically trim leading or trailing spaces. (ref 13350)

  • We changed the ordering of roles in the User Create and User Edit screens so they are all sorted in the same way, which makes it easy for admins to find roles between the different pages. (ref 14586)







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