Release Notes - 2023.01.11

Welcome to the latest One Model product release update. This article provides an overview of the product innovations and improvements to be delivered on 11 January 2023.

User Experience Improvements

  • Added a Close icon to the Edit Processing Scripts screen in Data Destinations, so that it's more clear to users how to exit the screen. (ref 13760)


Data Processing Improvements

  • Fixed an issue where Processing Scripts might error if a "merge all" statement (used to combine multiple select statements into one table) used the * syntax to select all columns in one or more of the tables. This might error if the wrong datatype for the final field was calculated. (ref 13622)

  • Fixed an issue where the "SkipInvalidRows" parameter was not getting saved correctly when creating a new Delimited File Input in the Data Sources page. This was instead defaulting to false, regardless of what the user configured when creating the Delimited File Input. (ref 12958)

  • Fixed an issue where the Data Destination Run Details page might not update some of the underlying tasks to "Complete" correctly. This can cause a confusing scenario where the Data Destination Run itself is correctly marked as "Complete", while the underlying tasks which haven't been updated are incorrectly marked as "Running". (ref 10527)

  • Fixed an issue where the SuccessFactors connector couldn't pull "GoalPermission" objects from SuccessFactors, which seems to be caused by some inconsistencies in how SuccessFactors requires these endpoints to be queried. (ref 14332)

  • Added a feature to the SuccessFactors connector so that new endpoints can only be added by users who have the password or Secret Key for the SuccessFactors API user. This is a solution to solve the problem that SuccessFactors does not allow securing of individual MDF objects if server-side paging is used. This way, we can secure the SuccessFactors connector so that additional and unexpected endpoints can't be added by a user who doesn't have the SuccessFactors user credentials. (ref 14359)

  • We now show any messages from SuccessFactors after the user selects "Configure Entities" in the One Model SuccessFactors connector, instead of a generic error that doesn't explain the cause. For example, if the wrong password was used, the error message displayed in the Data Sources page will now explain this. (ref 14370)

  • If two Data Sources move into Model Processing at close to the same time, the Data Load for the first Data Source will be canceled in Model Processing, and the second one will complete. This is done instead of waiting for the first Model Processing to complete, only to return out of date data. We've added a message in the Data Loads page for these canceled Data Loads to explain why they were canceled. (ref 13908)


Minor Improvements & Bugs Squashed

  • There is a feature in Explore and Storyboards where the user will see a notification if a particular query has too many results to display in the web browser and they need to add additional filters, or export the full results. We found a few situations where this notification might show for a smaller set of data than the maximum possible. This has been fixed. (ref 13895)

  • When using the deep links feature, if a link is incorrectly configured in the Table and Column Editor the tables that use this link might not work properly for end-users. To address this we have added additional validation when configuring deep links, so if you add an incorrectly formatted link structure you will receive an error message. (ref 14335)

  • We have added some enhancements to how contextual security works for some complex combinations of roles some customers have been trying to implement.

  • We fixed an issue with the display of labels on charts in Storyboards. Sometimes labels could get cut-off if they were close to the edge of a chart (specifically the right of horizontal column charts). So, we now automatically move the label to inside the bar on these charts and the behaviour works the same for vertical column charts. The screenshot below shows an example of how this now works with charts of different sizes and orientations. (ref 14492)





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