Release Notes - 2023.02.08

Welcome to the latest One Model product release update. This article provides an overview of the product innovations and improvements to be delivered on 8 February 2023.

User Experience Improvements

Replace Storyboard Contents

  • What is this feature? Well, it's kind of like a check-in / check-out or versioning feature for Storyboards. Traditionally these are really complex features to use, so we created something really simple allowing you to make a bulk update to the content of a Storyboard based on the content of another Storyboard.

  • If you are an Admin or Storyboard designer in a large Organization with multiple users and viewers of Storyboards who bookmark or save the URL of each Storyboard, this feature enables you to make edits or changes and overwrite the existing Storyboard contents without altering the URL or breaking any other locations(e.g. SharePoint) that has this Storyboard embedded. In practical terms, this means that you can make changes seamlessly without disruption or interference with Storyboard users.

  • The Replace Storyboard Contents feature is available in the Modify Mode of a Storyboard (see screenshots below) and allows Storyboard designers and Admins (with the Replace Storyboard Contents Application Access Role permission, "Storyboard Administrator") to replace the tiles, tile contents, and the Storyboard filter template without changing the Storyboard ID. The Storyboard ID is an embedded part of each Storyboard’s unique web address (URL) and this is used as part of the Storyboard embedding feature. For more information check out our user guide in the One Model Help Center. (ref 14602)



One Model Platform Innovations

  • We are continuing our migration to the Kubernetes framework that we started in 2022 to improve scalability, performance and stability for our customers.

  • In this release, we are migrating the One Model web application, including the main UI elements, such as Explore, Storyboards, Exports, and others, to run on Kubernetes.

  • Further testing and tuning will continue to ensure improved performance and stability for our customers as we achieve this significant milestone in the evolution of One Model’s architecture innovation.


Minor Improvements & Bugs Squashed

  • In the Metric Create/Edit screen you aren't able to delete a metric that is already being used in a Storyboard and you will get a message letting you know what Storyboards use that metric so you can decide if you want to remove/replace it from those Storyboards before deleting. This feature has been extended to the Insight Library. (ref 13974)

  • We fixed an issue where exporting an image of an Org Chart in a Storyboard might not work properly if you had the details panel open in the Org Chart. (ref 13287)

  • We fixed an issue with the Insights Library not working for end users. (ref 14784)




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