Release Notes - 2023.04.05

Welcome to the latest One Model product release update. This article provides an overview of the product innovations and improvements to be delivered on 5 April 2023.

Platform Improvements

Admin Reports

  • We announced a number of new admin reports in our 2023.03.08 release and have some more reports in this release:

    • Storyboards and Data Access Roles (ref 13705)

    • Dimensions and Data Access Roles (ref 13704)

  • We have also improved the formatting for a couple of the reports released previously as follows:

    • Permissions and Roles - instead of including all roles that have access to particular Storyboards in one column we have separated these out across multiple columns so it’s easier to sort the results in different ways (ref 14979)

    • Users and Roles - Like the previous report, we have separated the roles across multiple columns. (ref 14981) Also, because this report includes details of the different roles users can have the roles have a prefix to differentiate the roles as follows:


Pin a query from Explore to a Storyboard

  • We have made an enhancement when pinning a query from Explore to a Storyboard (ref 15208). Users will now have the option to Save and stay on the page or Save and go to the Storyboard, whether pinning to an existing Storyboard or pinning to a new Storyboard.

  • The option to Save and go makes it faster and easier to access the Storyboard being pinned to by connecting to the Storyboard in a single step.

  • This change aligns Explore with the options presented in Org. Charts.

  • Find more information about this exciting enhancement in the guide - How to Create a New Storyboard.

Pin to a New Storyboard:

Pin to an Existing Storyboard:


Data Processing Improvements

  • We added support for OAuth Authentication on the Workday connector, instead of relying on a Username and Password combination. This uses the refresh_token Grant Type. (ref 14537)

  • We fixed an issue where the Retry Button didn't work for Encrypted Files in the Data Source Files page (accessible via the Data Loads page). (ref 15429)

  • We fixed an issue in the SuccessFactors Processor that meant the Successor and Nominee History did a full load for an Incremental API Run (ref 15425)


Minor Improvements & Bugs Squashed

  • We fixed some rare scenarios where the single value tile in a Storyboard would look like it was shaking as it was trying to continually resize with changes to screen resolution and/or browser zoom levels. (ref 15208)

  • We fixed an issue where a user could be shown a blank Storyboard page if they didn’t have access to see a particular Storyboard instead of seeing an error message, which is what will happen now. (ref 14845)

  • If a user deleted a Storyboard from within the Storyboard Library the page could lose its scrollability (is that a word? :)) until the page was refreshed. This is now fixed. (ref 15439)

  • We fixed an issue impacting the ability to embed individual Storyboards - full application embedding was still working ok. (ref 15470)

  • We fixed some issues with the beta feature for expanding and collapsing hierarchical dimensions within Storyboard tables, most notably how we handle some dimensions with Unknown values and when the table has too much data to render the full result-set. (ref 15361)





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