Release Notes - 2023.04.19

Welcome to the latest One Model product release update. This article provides an overview of the product innovations and improvements to be delivered on 19 April 2023.

User Experience Improvements

  • We have added a cool little feature to Storyboards where you can now export charts to a csv file just like you can with tables. You can find this option in the action menu for a tile. A couple of initial things to note about this is that it does not yet include forecasted data (where used) and if you drill down in a chart by clicking through a dimension the export will only include the top level data - we will add an enhancement to capture your drill-down context in the export in the future. (ref 13330)


  • A nice enhancement to the option when linking a tile to another Storyboard. When you open the link option in Storyboard Modify Mode the drop-down menu includes the category grouping for Storyboards. (ref 4025)

Platform Improvements

Admin Reports

  • Continuing the trend from the last couple of releases we have some more reports in this release:

    • Dimensions and Data Access Roles (ref 13706)

    • Entity Relationship Information (ref 13707)

  • Similar to some other report updates in the last release we have also improved the formatting for the report titled “Metrics and Data Access Roles” by splitting up the role details into separate columns. (ref 14980)

  • In the last release we mentioned that we had reformatted the “Users and Roles” report to improve readability and that this also replaced the older report that was on the User’s page. It turns out that the format of the old report was actually handy in the case where the list of users was being downloaded and used for an integration or data modeling use case. So, in a coming release we will bring back the old report and add it to the list of Admin Reports.

  • For more information on the Admin Reports check out the help guide.

Data Processing Improvements

  • We have added some Retry logic in the SuccessFactors connector to automatically address an issue where the connection can be dropped. This would previously just error the task, leading to a number of API Runs erroring because a single task had the connection dropped. (ref 15531)

  • Fixed an issue where the user had to re-input the Workday password into the Workday V2 connector in order to change the configured tasks in the connector. (ref 15693)

  • Fixed an issue where SFTP Data Sources could error if a Compressed Folder was configured, but no underlying files were configured with an sftpMatchMethod of "ExtractFromCompressedFolder". (ref 15331)

Minor Improvements & Bugs Squashed

  • One small improvement we made to the UI in this release was to change some text sizes in the application as part of a consistency review. Most notably you will see a number of areas where the text size has been reduced from 16px to 14px, e.g. the Filter bar, to improve usability. (ref 15445 & 15668)

  • We fixed an issue where the value for a metric in the drill-through pop-up window wasn't following the defined decimal place formatting and displaying too many decimal values. (ref 12216)






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