How can I make my model bring in a specific column even if One AI does not select it naturally? How can I make One AI drop/exclude a specific column?

A: In order to force your model to include or exclude specific column(s), from the augmentations page you can go to the Per Column Interventions section of the One AI configuration and select override. Then, use the dropdown list under ‘Add Column Intervention’ and add in the columns you would like to force your augmentation to include or exclude. Under each column, where it says ‘droppable’, use the dropdown menu to select is droppable (One AI can drop or select the column based on importance), not droppable (augmentation must select the variable despite feature importance), or always (augmentation will always drop this variable despite feature importance). 

You can also force One AI to exclude columns from the recipe screen in the “Which core attributes do you want to use in your prediction?” section. Simply click the X next to each column you wish to exclude and save. 

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