Can I make overrides or perform manual configurations in One AI when creating or updating a machine learning model? What overrides and configurations are available?


Yes, essentially anything that One AI does can be overridden or manually configured to your desire. While One AI automatically selects default settings for most things, so users can focus on data framing, you are always able to see what exactly how One AI configured your model from the EDA Report and Results Summary and manually change it. 

Configuration and overrides include, but are not limited to (One AI >Edit > One AI Configuration):

  • Global Settings
    • Continuous Strategy
    • Category Size Threshold
    • Correlation Type
    • General Correlation Threshold
    • Leakage Performance Threshold
    • Generate SHAP Values
    • Null Drop Threshold
    • Null Indicator
    • Random State
    • Suspicious Performance Threshold
  • Estimator Configuration
    • Which estimators are tried
    • Parameters and hyperparameters
  • Dimensionality Reduction
    • Filter Methods & Number of Features
    • Wrapper Minimum Features
  • Per Column Interventions
    • Droppability
    • Null-Filling
    • Type-Specific Intervention
  • Bias Detection & Removal
    • Debiasing
    • Fairness Metric
  • Probability Calibration
    • Number of Calibration Folds
    • Calibration Type

Additional advanced configuration can be performed in the YAML. 

Please see this advanced configuration settings help article or more specific questions in this document for more details.

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