Why is my machine learning model erroring after conducting overrides and/or performing advanced configuration?


A good place to start answering this question is to click the "errored" label for your model and read the error message in the messages tab. We make our error messages as specific as we can to help you easily find what is causing your model to fail to run. 

Error message from the messages tab

If the error message doesn't answer your question, there are a couple of general reasons this happens  that you can look into:

  • The most common cause is that you checked the override box to expand the field and see what was available, but decided not to apply any overrides in that section, but also forgot to uncheck the box. If you did not make any overrides in a particular section, you must uncheck the box or the model will likely error.
  • Another possible cause is that that you did not include an available override method for the model to run on. Depending on what type of configuration or override you performed, you may have selected a method or value that is not compatible with the model's dataset. 

If you are still unable to identify why your model is erroring, submit a detailed help ticket and the One AI team will assist in troubleshooting.

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