Release Notes - 2020.04.08

Welcome to the 2020.04.08 product release.  This article provides an overview of the product innovations and improvements to be delivered on 8 April, 2020.  The article is structured as follows:

User Experience

  • Time Filter in Storyboards

Performance & Platform Improvements

  • Data Ingestion Bugs Fixed and Minor Improvements

  • Improvements to Data Pipeline Processing

  • Minor Improvements and Bugs Fixed

User Experience

Time Filter in Storyboards

  • With the development of our new Storyboards capability we have been able develop solutions to some long requested customer features.  Many of these are part of the Storyboards UI recently launched and in this release we are announcing the ability to use Time as a filter on a Storyboard - not previously possible in the traditional Dashboards. (ref 3567)

  • This new filtering capability complements a feature announced in the previous release that provides you with additional control over how time is displayed and filtered for data visualizations. (ref’s include 4223, 4227, 4228, 4229, 4225)

  • As you can see in the screenshot below you can add time to the Storyboard Filter Bar just like you would any other dimension.  In this example I have searched through my dimensions for “time” and about to select the “Timeperiods” dimension.  Naturally any of your custom time periods will appear here also.

  • Once added to the Filter Bar you can include or exclude segments of time as per the following example.

  • Once you apply your filters you can see the change to relevant charts in the Storyboard:

  • The new time filtering capability provides a lot of additional flexibility and control regarding how you design and deploy Storyboards.  When deploying to casual users you might want to constrain a Storyboard to one time dimensions to make it easy for end users to understand how the time filter is being applied to the data they are viewing - lots of different time contexts might get confusing.  Reach out to the One Model team for advice and tips to get the most out of this exciting new capability.

Performance & Platform Improvements

Data Ingestion Bugs Fixed and Minor Improvements

  • Fixed an issue with the API Runs Page when the user has the new User Experience enabled. The page header was overlapping text on the page and the obscuring the refresh button. (ref 3643)

Improvements to Data Pipeline Processing

  • Fixed a bug where saving the Processing Scripts does not extend the life of the user's session. (ref 4360)

  • Fixed an issue where script validation wasn't always capturing the very latest keystrokes after saving the Processing Script. (ref 2780)

  • Fixed an issue with the Processing Script where a version of the script could be duplicated when saved. (ref 4007)

Minor Improvements and Bugs Fixed

  • In the previous release notes we mentioned that users may experience a small delay on initial login to the new UI.  In moving from beta to production we have forced a reload of the browser cache to ensure the latest content is available for users.  In this release we changed this behaviour so that when accessing the new UI we will only clear the cache once per user per browser, so after first login subsequent login speed will be faster. (ref 4545)

  • The Storyboard Library in the new UI has a handy search capability to let you quickly find Storyboards - particularly if you have a long list.  We enhanced the Storyboard Library Search to now also search the Description field.  (The Storyboard “Description” field wasn’t available in the traditional Dashboards and you can define it in the Storyboard settings.)   Also of note, the Storyboard Library page will display the Description as a column on the page for general (non-admin) users.  Admin users need top open the Storyboard settings to see the description. (ref 4278)

  • We fixed a bug where the Storyboard and Storyboard Library pages lose ability to scroll down after using the Save Button in Storyboard Settings. (ref 4310)

  • We fixed a bug where the customer logos are stretching and losing their aspect ratio in the new UI depending on browser zoom level and window size. (ref 4147)

  • Fixed an issue where the Drillthrough Columns configuration page would not open if a Metric Table had been deleted from the Data Model. (ref 4294)

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