Release Notes - 2020.05.28

Welcome to the 2020.05.28 product release. This article provides an overview of the product innovations and improvements to be delivered on 28 May, 2020. The article is structured as follows:

User Experience

One Ai Innovations

Performance & Platform Improvements

  • Improvements to Data Ingestion

  • Improvements to Data Pipeline Processing

  • Minor Improvements and Bugs Fixed

User Experience

  • To provide more flexibility with text objects in a Storyboard, and build up our narrative capability we have enhanced the free text tile to allow Storyboard designers to remove the tile header. This change can be made when editing a Storyboard and allows for a simpler cleaner use of text tiles on a Storyboard, but also opens up new uses, e.g. creating a single line of text that can be formatted and used as a section heading within a Storyboard. (ref 4693)

Performance & Platform Improvements

  • Fixed an issue where Cache Warming could run for a very long time, and add extra load to the Database for customers with large Slowly Changing Dimension queries. This was caused by a slow Validation query that was checking the layout of the Slowly Changing Dimension. (ref 4853)

Improvements to Data Ingestion

  • Added support for the JSON Lines file format for uploading data into One Model. This is available through the regular file load/configure pages in One Model. (ref 4733)

Improvements to Data Pipeline Processing

  • Fixed an issue with our Processing Scripts where Aggregate functions (such as MAX()) would be incorrectly considered as Valid when saving the script. (ref 4613)

Minor Improvements and Bugs Fixed

We fixed a bunch of bugs in the display and branding capability as part of the new User Experience, including:

  • Fixed the colour being applied to the ‘bo back’ link in the page header to correctly follow the branding settings. (ref 3895)

  • Fixed an issue where sharing a Storyboard without picking a Category caused an error & crashed the page. (ref 4358)

  • We fixed some issues with table formatting in fitting contents to columns and showing unnecessary scrollbars etc. (ref 4629)

  • Fixed an issue where you would see multiple scrollbar in the drill-through pop-up window and there was limited space for viewing the detailed table. Now the whole pop-up window scrolls, which is simple and easy for users. (ref 4705)


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