Release Notes - 2020.09.23

Welcome to the 2020.09.23 product release. This article provides an overview of the product innovations and improvements to be delivered on 23 September 2020.

Lots of work happening on innovation projects, so only a small number if items in the release notes this time around... but stay tuned for exciting stuff around the corner.

Performance & Platform Improvements

  • We added a status notification for Data Destinations indicating "Waiting To Start" if they are queued behind by other services, such as Clear Cache or Processing Scripts. Before now there was no indication in the UI as to whether the Data Destination service was running or not. (ref 4379)

  • In the Create/Edit Metric page, we added support for creating a negative metric by just putting a "-" in front of a column. Historically, this could be saved successfully, but would not run when the negative metric was queried. (ref 5772)

Role Based Security Improvements

  • In the One Model user creation screen we had a feature that allowed an admin to create a new user with a specific password, which could then be provided to the user. We removed this feature, so now when creating a new user the options include SSO (in which case a password is not required) or specifying that the user will log in with a username and password (in this case the user will be emailed a link to create their own password). This change was made in the interest of higher level security standards. (ref 6340)

Bugs Squashed

  • We fixed a problem for the case where a user is in edit mode and they change their screen or window size to a narrow width where only one tile is displayed and save the Storyboard it would shrink the Storyboard layout and push all tiles into a vertical list on the left of the screen. (ref 5848)


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