Release Notes - 2020.06.10

Welcome to the 2020.06.10 product release. This article provides an overview of the product innovations and improvements to be delivered on 6 June 2020.

User Experience

  • As part of our Storyboard and branding vision we have added a little design touch to add a 'deco bar' to tiles. This is essentially a small line that runs along the top of a tile and comes in very handy if you want to change your page background to White. Doing this makes the whole Storyboard super clean and elegant, but charts can get a bit lost without the deco bar to provide a little definition to the tile. This feature applies to all tiles on the Storyboard, except when you remove the header from a free text tile (announced in our previous release). (ref 4668 & 4925)

Performance & Platform Improvements

  • Fixed an issue where Cache Warming could run for a very long time, and add extra load to the Database for customers with large Slowly Changing Dimension queries. This was caused by a slow Validation query that was checking the layout of the Slowly Changing Dimension. (ref 4853)

  • Fixed an issue where data loads could break if multiple copies of the same file were uploaded in quick succession using the Site Upload functionality. (ref 4689)

  • Added additional validation to ensure consistent loading of large API Data Sources. (ref 4849)

Minor Improvements and Bugs Fixed

We fixed a few bugs in the display and branding capability as part of the new User Experience, including:

  • Fixing some issues with the colour of some of the icons in the menu bar. (ref 4782)

  • We fixed a number of issues to do with how charts were being displayed such as the improper allocation of space for long labels, the positioning of the chart within the tile, charts shaking depending on the user’s browser/screen resolution etc. (refs 4308, 4322, 4334, 4587, 4753)


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