Release Notes - 2020.09.09

Welcome to the 2020.09.09 product release. This article provides an overview of the product innovations and improvements to be delivered on 9 September 2020.

Improvements to Data Ingestion

New One Model API Connector for the Oracle HCM Cloud Data Source

Big news on the data connectivity front. In addition to the traditional Oracle API connect One Model has now developed a new connector that caters for newer versions of Oracle and has more data coverage (particularly the new worker end point from Oracle). We have also implemented some scalability enhancements to support larger organisations, particularly for incremental data feeds. As always, huge thanks to our co-innovation customers for helping us develop this using a real-world system and requirements.

To see if you can make use of the new Oracle Connector, please contact your Customer Success representative to find out more.


Performance & Platform Improvements

  • Improved the performance of the One Model application by reducing the size of cached objects for the browser. This is most notable on first login for new users, after a browser cache reset, or after a One Model product release. (ref 5511)

  • We introduced a limit on very large Exports that cause instability for other exports that are running at the same time and are better suited to the Data Destinations capability. In these situations a user will now see a message saying “Errored - Export too large. Please use a Data Destination”. (ref 5692)

  • We improved the stability of data loads by preventing them from failing if Amazon Redshift is unavailable for Maintenance by Amazon. (ref 5664)

Improvements to Data Pipeline Processing

  • Added a feature where users can now see the underlying SQL Errors if they occur in the Processing Scripts for Data Destinations. This will help users configuring those destinations debug the cause of the problem (ref 5295)

Bugs Squashed (or is it "squished"? anyway we don’t like ‘em!)

  • We fixed an intermittent issue with the new top navigation bar where sometimes it would retain invisible open menu items making it difficult to select the desired menu option. (ref 5642)

  • When a new default filter was applied and saved in Storyboard in design mode it wouldn't immediately be visible until the page was refreshed, this now appears immediately. (ref 5869)

  • If a user tried to change the heading for multiple free text tiles in Storyboard design mode changes were being inconsistently applied. (ref 6119)

  • Fixed the display of currency metrics in charts incorrectly displaying $ symbol in a % stacked bar. (ref 5284).


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