Release Notes - 2020.08.27

Welcome to the 2020.08.27 product release. This article provides an overview of the product innovations and improvements delivered on 27 August 2020.

User Experience

New charting visualization - Geomaps

  • We are super excited to bring the geomap data visualization to One Model customers. Thank you to our co-innovation customers and partners that have helped with feedback and input into the approach.


  • Configuring a Geomap chart is pretty easy. We added a new option in Explore called “List for Geomap”. Below is a sample query. You create this list and then pin it to a Storyboard and it will be automatically converted into a geomap.

  • To use the Geomap capability you will need to have geo-coordinates allocated to your location dimension. Connect with our Customer Success team to chat about any special requirements you may have.

  • There are some nice design features available also. For users with permission to edit a Storyboard, you can use the new design panel to configure colour,relative bubble size and tooltip visibility. Additionally, we have added a nice feature that lets you control the initial view point for a given geomap by using the lock icon located near the top left of the geomap chart when in design mode. Unlock the map and then pan and zoom to your desired map view and then click the lock icon again. After you save the Storyboard this is the initial view users will see for the geomap (they will still be able to pan and zoom, this just sets the default position. This is particularly handy if you want to position multiple maps on a page with different perspectives.

  • We would be happy to get further input on where this capability is going and features you would like to see. Coming soon will be the ability to have area filling on the map (Choropleth charts).

Updated Home Page Design Capability

  • We updated the Home Page template editor to use the newer Storyboard designer so that customers who have enabled the new UI will see the new Storyboard capabilities now available for use on the Home Page. Notable features that can now be used on the home page are the new filter panel, geomaps, the new finer grained layout grid, text tiles without headers etc. (ref 2820)

  • The home page template is created and set in the same way, through the Company Admin screen:


Performance & Platform Improvements

  • In this release we added a new platform level feature that will help make data destinations more resilient by attempting an automatic retry in case of temporary Network failures. (ref 3807)

One AI Innovations

  • Multiple Protected Columns in a Single Run: This features allows users to report group fairness metrics for multiple configurations within a single run.

  • Enhanced Base Column Handing for excluding group_fairness_columns: One Ai now drops the full base column of a One Hot Encoded column when the user selects to not allow fairness columns into the training data. (i.e. base: location | location_austin, location_dallas, etc ).

  • Improved Error Handling: A number of users reported difficulty parsing errors coming out of the advanced configuration section of One AI. In this release the One AI team has added advanced debug strings to errors so users have more information about what might be causing an augmentation to fail.

Minor Improvements and Bugs Fixed

  • We fixed a bug in the Storyboard edit page where if you added multiple text tiles to a Storyboard page they shared content until you saved the Storyboard, now they are immediately independent. We’ve added an automated retry for Data Destinations to support temporary network connection issues.This is to solve for cases where the connection to a Destination server (such as SFTP or Redshift) over the internet is temporarily lost (ref 50793807)

  • We added some additional space as a margin at the bottom of the Storyboard design page to make it easier when resizing objects at the bottom of the page. (ref 5110)

  • We did some code cleanup to make sure when copying a Storyboard all of the new features are included in the copied Storyboard, e.g. text tile header settings etc. (ref 5319)

  • We also smashed a few bugs in our branding settings for the ‘select box’ and ‘drop down menu’ (ref 5351)

  • We fixed an intermittent bug that sometimes caused problems with exporting chart images from a Storyboard. (ref 4846)



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