Release Notes - 2020.10.07

Welcome to the 2020.10.07 product release. This article provides an overview of the product innovations and improvements to be delivered on 7 October 2020.

User Experience

  • We added a small, but highly requested product feature to Storyboards in this release. In the classic One Model UI when a user exported a data table to .csv it would pop-up in the browser downloads immediately as well as being available for collection from the Exports page.

  • We initially didn't include this in the new Storyboards UI simplifying the workflow to just drop everything into the Exports page, but user feedback was that you really liked the immediacy of the direct download, so we have brought it back! (Exports still also go to the Exports page as usual.) (ref 4949)

Improvements to Data Pipeline Processing

  • For our power users performing data engineering with the One Model platform, we added some improvements to how users collaborate on data processing scripts.

  • Processing scripts that have been promoted to ‘Production’ are now locked and can’t be directly edited. To make changes a user would create a new version of the script and then when ready with any changes promote the new version to Production. This provides a better history of changes and versions as well as hardening the currently live production script from live editing and reduces complexity of script merging when multiple users are editing the script at once. (ref 5679)

Improvements to Data Ingestion

  • Fixed an issue where Processing Scripts would not automatically process an SFTP Data Source that included multiple files. (ref 6091)

  • Fixed an issue where changes in the Workday APIs caused the Compensation task in the Workday connector to error. We are planning to allow users to specify a Workday API version in the connector to prevent these changes affecting us in the future. (ref 6417)

Performance & Platform Improvements

  • Fixed an issue where high load on our Usage Statistics functionality could cause tiles in storyboards to unexpectedly fail. (ref 5947)

Bugs Squashed

  • We fixed an issue where some metrics weren’t being properly allocated to locations in our Geomap (specifically distinct count based metrics). (ref 6229)

  • We fixed some problems for our friends using Apple Macs and the Safari web browser where charts weren’t being displayed in Storyboards and ramped up our testing for this user configuration. (ref 6158)

  • In some cases when filter nodes are applied to a chart in a Storyboard and due to changes in the underlying data model those nodes have been changed or removed the Storyboard wouldn't open. We fixed this to allow the Storyboard to open and in the filter display for the relevant chart we included the reference ID for the node that had been removed with strikethrough text and the word (Invalid) so the user can see that it is no longer being applied. (ref 5776)

  • We fixed an issue when adding multiple text tiles to Storyboards. Essentially, if a user added a text tile to a Storyboard, saved the Storyboard and then returned to edit mode to add another text tile you weren’t able to save the Storyboard. (ref 6246)

  • Fixed an issue where metrics with the To Date filter applied in the "Same Period Last Year" or "Previous Period" Time functions would cause metrics to break when querying at the Day level. (ref 5778)

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