Release Notes - 2019.08.28

Welcome to the 2019.08.28 product release.  This article provides an overview of the product innovations and improvements to be delivered on 28 August 2019.  
The article is structured as follows:

New Features & Innovations

  • Added a New Data Destination for Amazon S3

  • One Ai Innovations

Bugs, Performance & Platform Improvements

  • Improvements to Data Pipeline Processing

  •  Data Ingestion Bugs Fixed

  • One Ai Bugs Fixed

New Features & Innovations

Added a New Data Destination for Amazon S3

  • Customers are now able to use Amazon S3 as a data destination in addition to the SFTP destination that was previously available. This allows data from Metrics and Dimensions, Augmentations, and One Model Data Sources to be exported on a regular basis to a Customer's S3 Bucket. (ref 2212) 


One AI Innovations

  • The One Ai team added advanced configurations for CV folds, giving users control over the number of folds via an advanced configuration key called cv_params.  The cv_params key accepts a dictionary containing kwargs to be passed to the cross_validation method during processing i.e. {'number_of_folds': 5}.  (ref 198)

  • New regression types have been added into the advanced configuration section of One Ai: SVR, Ridge, HuberRegressor, GaussianProcessRegressor, RandomForestRegressor, SGDRegressor, LogisticRegression. (ref 482)

  • Per Column Type Coercion:  In the advanced configuration section of One Ai users can now manually set the type (i.e. continuous or categorical ) of columns. This feature is useful if One Ai's auto column classification makes a mistake or if you want to ensure that a column gets processed as a specific type.. (ref 404)


Bugs, Performance & Platform Improvements

Improvements to Data Pipeline Processing

  • Improved the stability of data loads, in some cases where there are network issues within AWS. (ref 2177)

Data Ingestion Bugs Fixed

  • If one of the tasks for the SF API connector for One Model fails, the error message presented in the Data loads status page read "Complete with Errors" - this will now read "Failed". (ref 2257)

  • Fixed a bug where a Data Load would not be given an Errored status if it errored while warming Cache (ref 2431)

  • In the Loads Status page One Model updated the following API load statuses:“Not Run” to “Waiting to Start”“Cancelled as Already Active” to “Rejected - Previous load still running”. (ref 2512)

One Ai Bugs Fixed

  • Manual Selecting Columns displayed the incorrect number of columns previously. (ref 432)

  • Some columns being dropped via the correlation checks weren't actually getting dropped. (ref 479)

  • Fixed a value error caused by column name mismatching across data frames. (ref 442)

  • Using sklearns RandomForest estimator can occasionally create non-deterministic results, which was leading to validation failures. (ref 272)

  • Fixed a bug that dropped columns that were set to be undroppable via PCI settings. (ref 522)

  • Fixed a bug that prevented persisted models from storing mutual_info feature selection results correctly. (ref 427)

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