Release Notes - 2019.11.11

Welcome to the 2019.11.11 product release.  This article provides an overview of the product innovations and improvements to be delivered on 11 September 2019.  
The article is structured as follows:

User Experience

  • Adding Detailed Columns to a Chart

  • Beta Release of New User Experience & Storyboards

Security Improvement - Custom Session Timeout

One AI - New Features & Improvements

Bugs, Performance & Platform Improvements

  • Improvements to Data Pipeline Processing

  • Data Ingestion Bugs Fixed

  • Performance & Stability

  • General Bugs Fixed and Minor Improvements

  • OneAI Bugs Fixed

User Experience

Adding Detailed Columns to a Chart

  • In this release we have created a much requested feature for customers.  When creating a chart in Explore you can now add a Detailed Column to a new query section called 'Pivoted Columns' and this will graphically display data from that column as though it was a regular dimension.  You can also cross-analyze this data with regular dimensions when they are added to the Dimensions section of the query.  

  • There are a few minor limitations to the scope of this new feature, but it is the start of a much more flexible and powerful visualization capability for One Model.  One limitation you might notice is that when adding detailed columns to a Basic Chart, the associated table in Explore won't reflect the same content - for an accurate table view you can use the List option in Explore.  This will be addressed in the future. 

  • The screenshot below shows an example of this new feature in action.  A detailed column has been added to the chart and the One Model application groups this on-the-fly into the Managerial and Non-Managerial categories (similar to a regular dimension).  Have fun datamaniacs :)  (ref 2972 & 3106) 

Beta Release of New User Experience (UX) & Storyboards

  • The updated One Model user experience is the start of a series of innovations designed to improve the overall usability of the application based on the most requested feature requests from customers with a focus on driving end-user adoption and insight to action.  

  • Thank you to all of our customers who have provided input and suggestions as part of our research phase of the new UX.  A number of customers have already started beta testing, please let us know if you would like to participate also.  Just drop us a note in Intercom! We have a more detailed beta feature guide that we can also send you with more information and we are also happy to run a dedicated session for you and your team if you like.

  • A few of the major new capabilities available in the initial release are listed below.

  • New application navigation bar - the main application control center is now found at the top of the screen instead of on the left.  More than just an aesthetic change, this is part of a new way of working that will unveil new features beyond what is available in this first release.

  • Storyboards - more than just a Dashboard with a fancy new name :) this is the start of a whole new way of sharing and communicating analytical insights.  The initial release will focus on backward compatibility with all of your existing Dashboards, but with that as a baseline we are moving to a whole new world of capability that is focused on surfacing insights engaging stakeholders and driving action.

  • Storyboard filter bar - filtering a Dashboard isn’t new, but it was a somewhat overwhelming experience for the casual user, so we have created a whole new filtering experience that aims to provide a lot more control for the power user and greater focus and simplicity for the casual user.

  • Storyboards library - What we are now calling the ‘classic’ Dashboard menu was a simple hover menu with a long scrolling list of Dashboards grouped into categories.  The new Storyboards Library is a dedicated page that lists all of your Storyboards (including anything originally created as a classic Dashboard).  You can sort and search the library and also change Storyboard settings all from this one page.

Security Improvement - Custom Session Timeout

  • In the 2019.09.11 release we added some security improvements to the session timeout.  In this release we enhanced this capability so that an administrator can define a specific timeout period for users of the One Model application within their company.  The setting can be found in the Company Admin settings page.

  • The default setting remains 30 minutes if you don’t use configuration feature.  

  • Consult your internal IT security team to ensure you are setting a timeout period consistent with your IT security policy. (ref 2743) 

One AI - New Features & Improvements

  • Added Ordinary Least Squares Regression

  • Expanded commute time augmentation

  • Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) Report has had a major update.  Version 2 of the EDA includes the following notable improvements and new features are listed below:
    - New per label statistics
    - New correlation types
    - New statistics & charts in variable analysis
    - New visualization for null values
    - New larger light-box for correlation charts

Bugs, Performance & Platform Improvements

Improvements to Data Pipeline Processing

  • Fixed an issue with some multiplication calculation scripting logic that required workarounds to avoid an incorrect result.  The underlying issue has been resolved.  (ref 2830)

Data Ingestion Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed an issue where Greenhouse data extraction would fail when the Candidate Activity Feed had no new data.  (ref 3075)

  • The File Upload page will now work consistently if a file with the same name is uploaded multiple times in quick succession.  (ref 2726)

  • Fixed an issue where uploading files for a File Data Source directly through the application may not work if the fileNameColumn or fileNameColumnIsKey settings had been modified. (ref 3002)

Performance & Stability

  • Continued stability improvements with system caching. ref 2240)

  • Fixed an issue where data loads would fail to update data in One Model if users were running large queries at the same time. (ref 3114)

General Bugs Fixed and Minor Improvements

  • Fixed an issue where certain configurations on the Data Source page would prevent users from being able to create Data Destination files from a Processing Script. (ref 2117)

  • Fixed an issue where the User Export feature would not work if a Default Date parameter was not put into the Company page. (ref 2961)

  • Fixed an issue where the RBS page that shows the security that is applied to a user would not load if one of their Roles was expecting a Dimension Node that did not exist. (ref 2962)

One AI Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash caused by using k-folds with time series regression.

  • Fixed bug that caused the dropped label to not show up on columns dropped because of correlations.

  • Fixed crash when incomplete yml configures are passed to OneAI.

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