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Inclusive design for everyone is a core principle for One Model’s product team.  One Model is committed to delivering software that is accessible and we use the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) as the primary reference for this work.  

Users may need to use their own client-side, third-party assistive technologies, such as the JAWS screen reader, to be used in conjunction with the One Model solution.  Given the range of different end-user assistive technologies available, it is hard to test for all possible scenarios, but we do test specifically for the use of JAWS with the Google Chrome browser as a baseline.

To date, the One Model team has focused on improving Accessibility in the following areas of the product:

  • Log On
  • Main Navigation bar
  • Storyboard Library
  • Storyboards
    • Storyboard Filter Bar, and
    • Allowing users to Export Charts and tables to a CSV file

with the following accessibility features:

  • Compatibility with the Chrome Web browser on your desktop
  • Keyboard navigation 
  • JAWS screen reader compatibility

The One Model team has focused our efforts for enhanced Accessibility support on key end-user features of the solution such as navigating the application and using Storyboards.   The One Model solution provides the ability to create visual content (e.g. Charts, Tables and Storyboards), so content creators should consider accessibility requirements of their users, for example when designing Storyboards and configuring color palettes. The different components are layered with some general functions that typically work with Google Chrome screen reader, and more specific JAWS keystrokes.

While the One Model team aims to provide Accessibility support throughout the solution, depending on user persona, some areas of the solution may not be fully optimized for accessibility. If you identify any Accessibility issues with key parts of the One Model solution, we welcome your feedback so please contact us through your Customer Success Lead.  

General Functions



Move forward TAB
Move backward Shift + TAB
Hit button / link / submit inputs Enter
Select / unselect checkbox & radio button Space
Navigate a dropdown menu / list Up and Down Arrow
Select a dropdown option Enter
Close dialog / back to upper level / collapse a menu or panel Esc

Up Arrow

Down Arrow

Left Arrow

Right Arrow 

JAWS Functions

* NOTE: if you don’t have an insert key and / or number pad, then you will need to switch to laptop mode and set JAWS to operate in keyboard mode.



Move to JAWS window ALT + TAB
Close JAWS command ALT + F4
Menu bar or Options ALT
Go to basics Down Arrow
Open basics Enter
Focus on keyboard layout TAB
Silence JAWS immediately on sentence CTRL
Toggle on and off speech Insert + Space + Windows then Shift + S
Full Speech Insert + Space, S
Read current line Insert + Up Arrow
Re-read current  Insert + TAB
Move to top of page CTRL + Home
Go to interactive elements on page TAB
List Headings Insert + F6
List Links Insert + F7
Read page title JAWS key + T
Reading text (move cursor up or down a line at a time) Up and Down Arrows
Command search Insert + Spacebar,  J
Keyboard help Insert + 1
Screen shade Insert + Spacebar, print screen key
Toggle shade off Insert + v

Storyboard Filter Bar Specfic Functions

Users will drop into the Storyboard filter bar by pressing the TAB key. The system will announce that you have arrived in the filter nodes by reciting the action keys to navigate through the filter nodes. This acts as a main menu in the filter bar nodes. 

Below is a reference list of these specific Storyboard keystroke interactions.



Move forward TAB
Move backward Shift + TAB
Navigate to the next filter node Up Arrow
Navigate back to the previous filter node Down Arrow

Hit button successively to include / exclude / or remove the filter node

*Neutral means that no selection has been made

Drill down one level on a filter node Right Arrow
Drill up one level on a filter node  Left Arrow


As users become familiar with these action keys, they can advance through the announcement by pressing any action key or return to the announcement using the Shift + TAB keys. 

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