How to Customize your Home Page Storyboard

Your One Model instance comes with a default ‘Welcome to One Model’ home page, as seen below:

Admins and users with permission have the option to keep the default home page or design a custom experience for their users. The home page will be the same for all of your signed in users. 

Follow these steps to customize your Home Page. 

Step 1: Enable the permission

  1.  Ensure you are an Admin or user with the following permissions enabled:
    • CanEdithomepageDashboardTemplate, and;
    • CanChangeHomePageFilterSet 

Step 2: Edit the Home Page Storyboard Template

  1. Go to Admin then select Company
  2. Scroll down the page to Home Page Storyboard 
  3. Click Edit Template

  1. This brings you to the Home Page Storyboard. The Home Page Storyboard is now in Modify Mode where you can make changes such as adding text tiles, moving and resizing tiles, and editing any existing data tiles. 

Note: Your Home Page Storyboard might not yet contain any tiles, so you might have to go to Step 3, add some tiles and then return to Step 2 to re-organise the content of the home page.

  1. Click the Save icon at the top right to keep your changes, or click <Company to exit and then click Leave to discard your changes. 

Note: your changes to the Home Page Storyboard will not be shared with all users until selected; details about how to do this follow in Step 4.

Step 3: Add data tiles to your Home Page Storyboard

You add tiles to the home page from existing Storyboards.

  1. Go to Storyboards and open the Storyboards Library
  2. Select your Storyboard and click on the name to open
  3. Navigate to the tile that you want to add to the home page Storyboard 
  4. Click on the three dots at the top of the tile to open the action menu and select Pin to Home Page

Repeat these steps to add more tiles to your home page Storyboard. Then, when you are ready, go back to Step 2: Edit the Home Page Storyboard Template to make adjustments and changes. 

Step 4: Sharing your Home Page Storyboard with your users

When you are ready to set your custom home page as the landing page for all users, go to Admin and select Company

  1. Scroll down to Home Page Storyboard 
  2. Click Edit 
  3. Check the Use Home Page Storyboard for All Users option
  4. Click Save

Admins should also consider adding the permission CanChangeHomePageFilterSet to enable their users to filter the home page.

Our customers have designed a wide variety of home pages that introduce, guide and inform their users. The home page may include a combination of live data in various visualization styles plus links to Storyboards for easy navigation, as well as external links to customer-owned support guides. 

Please contact your Customer Success Lead if you would like to see some of these example home pages for inspiration!

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